Moscow : rebirth of Gorki Park

We are currently involved in the development of a major retail scheme in Moscow. To express his vision, our client took me to Gorki Park in downtown Moscow. There, I discovered the rebirth of what used to be an “amusement” park. Formerly “locked away” from the city with controlled and “toll” access, Gorki Park is now becoming an open urban space filled with many different individuals and groups of people.
I was amazed to see how this is happening,: good sense, sensitivity to the existing structure of the park and awareness of the presence of the near-by Moskva River. And above all, all is done for the people to enjoy the place, in an “Otium Cum Dignitate” spirit: I’ve heard that the Strelka Institute will move to Gorki Park.
I engage anyone visiting Moscow to spend some time in Gorki Park. Just take a walk through it, enjoy the flowers, the water, the alleys… You might change your point of view on this city… I’m curious to see it in winter.

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What is even more amazing to me is that an Investor, willing to develop a “new generation shopping destination”, brought me there to express his vision. We have been working for years on creating such environments, where “commerce” can be developed to its full “Raison d’être”: Exchange between people and communities & creation of wealth, both tangible as well as intangible. This new development will certainly be a major event in Europe when it opens!…


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