[POINT OF VIEW] : Choice is good (1/2)

In January 2013, the french “Correspondance de l’enseigne” newsletter published a liste of 2012 shops re-lookings. The list only gathers retailers settled in France; nonetheless an attentive reading can give a response to “The tyranny of choice” concerning the retail sector but also the whole society.
This list shows this : what is valuable for retail in not a complex and multiple amount of choice, but the ability to renew it.
The list is divided by sector; let’s see what happens if we divide it by type of re-looking.
First of all comes the changes regarding the brand concept : format evolution (Camaïeu), graphic identity (Eram), location (Match, Muji)….
Then we can see the different versions or extensions of the same brand : Aigle turns into lifestyle fashion, H&M creates “& Other Stories”, Mango “H.E by Mango”, “Mango Touch”…
Observing news, an another re-looking has recently been developed : create a concept, an environment from a product  or an brand. Shiseido opened in Ginza (Tokyo) a “total facility” shop. With tis “bottom-up” concept mixing several disciplines, beauty becomes an “art de vivre”in a same place.
L’Occitane opened in Moscow a shop including a café; the surface allocated to the café area is bigger than for the traditional shop. No doubt the yield per m2 is lower, but obviously the brand is encouraging the number of visits, the pleasure of a place which is not only a purchase place.
The Hermès store, rue de Sèvres in Paris Image 11 was already expressing the similar purpose : joining in the same location the flagship, a flower-shop, a book-shop sharing the same space and store-front. In this particular example, Hermès drives even further the re-looking concept boundary. The Hermès brand identité is still highly visible, even sharing its global location; the space is arranged as a department store, where walking around is welcome.

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Sources : Correspondance de l’Enseigne – E-Marketing – Le Monde – Nouveaux-concept.com


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