Is gastronomy a “French Exception?”. Its anyway a discipline who can provide an exemplary complementarity between Internet and traditional activities. (Read more here)
Coocking websites were booming for several years. In the meantime, the press sales should have dropped but they haven’t; their development have even been reinforced. Websites and press reached a balanced stage, where each one could take advantage of its own capacities :
– Integrating users contents; low editing quality
– No interactive content; illustrated publications
Then the two “players” improved their respective attractive features, compensated their weaknesses continued to co-exist.
The most interesting to be noticed, is that the publishing sector took the benefit of two trends :
– Use the experience of Internet competitors to promote their own Web strategy
– Use the “cooking vogue” by extending sales places. Some retailers (Casa, Du bruit dans la cuisine…) are selling kitchen utensils and books
The irony is that famous Websites are also publishing books and magazines… a complete circle.

Sources : Le Monde – Stratégies du Net

To read more about this topic, view our FOOD & MARKETS dossier


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