[THE FOOD CHAIN] : Tasting on the go

I’ve been recently asked this question : “where would you go for a trip in Milan?” I avoided classic places I already know and advised “Eataly”, willing to have a feedback from this place mixing food market, grocery and restaurant concepts. In the same spirit, someone who knows Madrid very well told me :” If you come to Madrid one day, you must go San Miguel market to taste oysters with white wine!” Are we always feeling hungry when recommending nice places?
In other words, why are those places still so attractive? Because we are talking about a successful concept or about a place evoking nice traditions? This is probably not the only reason.
Thinking about those two anecdotes, a recent walk rue des Martyrs can be a “study case”. For a few years, slowly but surely, this typically Parisian high street is evolving. Progressively, services shops have been replaced by food or fashion ones. Existing food shops have created new spaces to eat and savour their products. Existing restaurants also turned their concept into a “gourmet” grocery where you can take purchases away.
Rue des Martyrs isn’t an exception : different sources underline that consumers are expecting fast and quality food from restaurants or retailers. It’s interesting to see what kind of strategy are already efficient.
– Traditional markets open food courts
– Shops propose to taste products on site
– Food courts (in department stores or shopping malls) raise their surface
– A food brand “opens” a restaurant : “Aux deux vaches”, a Danone yoghurt brand is also a restaurant offering snacking and traditional food.
We can mention the “street restaurants” development but its more a new format than a new concept.
Whatever the solution is, the aim is to obtain better quality and to find friendly places. A kind of evolution we like…

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