[High streets etc… ] : “Galerie Bascule”(Carrefour) paradox

“Carrefour Bascule” is a shopping gallery in Brussels anchored by a Carrefour Market and about 20 shops (average 100 m2). This gallery is located in a shopping district (Inno Galerie, C&A, Picard Surgelés Yves Rocher… and a lot of independent retailers). It can also take advantage of a perfect catchment area, residential and modest mixing local and international people.  As soon as you mention this place, everyone describes it  as gloomy, sad… that obviously can’t be denied. Bascule Shopping cumulates many negative aspects :
– Walking along : the Carrefour shop-front shows the back of interior shelves 
– Driving in : no parking place or level indication
– Walking in the supermarket : narrow and crowded shelves or corners
– Walking in the gallery : poor design (store fronts, amenities…) and shops are using their second level as visible storages …

And yet…
This picture as been taken on a Saterday afternoon : people meeting there, setting up their tables… to play chess (situation drawing); a person is also quietly reading.
There is clearly a need, an expectation about “meeting places”. This shopping gallery is may be highly profitable. We can only deplore the lack of efforts to transform this surprising “meeting” in a “favorite” place; this is not a vain hope because this place has (not highlighted) real qualities : perfect location, double parking and gallery entrance, high ceilings… and it’s the best place to buy fish in Brussel! The Carrefour fish-corner is only 3m long, but has a huge reputation. Reputation, notoriety isn’t it what all retailers, brands are running after?
So please, add a correct and decent design to your existing reputation and you’ll become THE place, not only thanks to the fish-corner.


One thought on “[High streets etc… ] : “Galerie Bascule”(Carrefour) paradox

  1. Sans doute une copropriété : personne n’a la vision ni les moyens pour activer le potentiel de ce shopping de quartier …
    Qui prend son baton de pélérinage pour 10 ans de pourparlers avec les propriétaires et les autorités?

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