1st impressions : Montpellier, France [train station]

The first surprise leaving the train : smelling the sea ambiance. It’s a confusing feeling; we are sure about our geographic skills : Montpellier is not located on the sea coast. This is confirmed by its historical urban design : traditional and not seaside looking. And yet, this delicate salty scent, this specific wet air, this typical accent you can hear from passengers coming home or by train employees are giving a clear signal : we are in “a” south of France. Too bad, vocal announcements don’t “speak” with this accent any more…
The way out (always confused and changing) gives the impression that this station is “always under renovation”. Its effectively a challenge for the St-Roch station to combine efficient operating and dealing with the city non-stop development process : new tram network, district renovation or creation… are complicating this accessibility. The station itself is part of a major urban re-generation project (more details here)
In a few years, Montpellier St-Roch will become a regional and local train station, while a TGV-station will be created for national connexions. We will then share our “1st impressions” on this curious “beyond the walls” station typology.

Sources photos BIV

To read more about this topic, view our STATIONS dossier


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