[POINT OF VIEW] : Beyond the mall

This article resumes a few comments following the 2013 MIPIM fair trade in Cannes. We read with attention this quotation regarding the future of stand-alone malls : “In 20 years time you will find stores that sell books and DVDs replaced by sites that give people a reason to go to the mall… art galleries, education centres and health and spa treatments”.
If we share David Roberts opinion, we very much doubt about the 20 years predicted timeframe: already today seems more realistic for many achievements, a few years for spreading to retail business.
– Art galleries are now shopping mall actors; we are not here talking about events, seasonal or “pop-up” activities, but about galleries renting a space as a classic tenant would do. (Read here)
– This page collected this year in the Siam Paragon shopping centre in Bangkok shows all the edutainment activities proposed.
– The Old continent is not left behind. This picture

Apple Store, Louvre, Paris - 27 March 2013

Apple Store, Louvre, Paris – 27 March 2013

as been taken last week in Paris, Carousel du Louvre : not easy at a first glance to guess we are in an Apple Store… People have obviously bought a product, and come later for a training, a possibly an additional purchase?
The services are also concerned by this trend : “Spot Mairie” has been set up last month in Nice Etoile (France) shopping centre; it’s a digital city-hall administration desk where customers can solve administrative procedures.

“The days of the stand-alone mall are numbered”…
In addition, the landlord community is also expanding : universities are acting as retail developers (Read here) . Our business is getting complex, and challenging!

Read also our 2012 post “The changing nature of shopping centres”

Sources :
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“Une antenne virtuelle de la mairie de Nice s’implante dans une galerie commerciale” – Technicités – 8 mars 2013
“School malls : colleges are playing a lucrative new role as campus retail landlords” – SCT December 2012


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