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In our post “Feeling food” we underlined how much “food moments” (cooking or going out) express a friendly experience. We were wondering how retail format recently evolved and if they reflect this trend :

– Westfield Shopping center in London : 176 000 m2, 300 units opened in September 2011… and 70 restaurants
– Apsys project Beaugrenelle in Paris is due to open in 2013. This project will offer 45 000 m2, 120 units and 10 restaurants, with a new range of brands and quality
– Quai d’Yvry in Paris : the 50 000 m2 project is a part a the “Favorite meeting places” concept developed by Corio. The food court is integrated in the “Espace Ludo”
Excelsior in Milan : 4 000 m2 concept store (Coin Group) is dedicated to fashion, design and food. The all basement is an “Eat Store” with a selection of gourmet products and specific corners. A bar establishing itself as a fashion meeting point is an the ground floor
– Trinity Leeds (UK) opened in March 2013 houses 100 shops units and 20 restaurants on a total of 75 000 m2 GLA
– The already existing stores, the “classic” players are adapting their format : M&S developed a “Simply Food” format, Monoprix (Dayly Monop, Monop’) is working an “Street Monop’ a food-truck concept.
– Food is also following / creating the trend of short-lived event, pop-up store format : “Krug en capitale” “Badoit express” operation… (Read more here) the “Restaurant Day”
– Last but not least, Department Store “Epicerie” like Lafayette Gourmet, la Grande Epicerie (Le Bon Marché) etc are still active and present.

Sources :
– “Excelsior, le grand magasin ultra luxe” – LSA – 29 septembre 2012
– “Les restaurants éphémères”- Carlin – 1er novembre 2012

To read more about this topic, view our FOOD & MARKETS dossier


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