[THE FOOD CHAIN] : “The dining experience”, a concept?

“The dining experience” is the brand name of the last concept presented and already experienced by Unibail – Rodamco. The aim is to intensify the quality and size of their future existing food-courts.
 This marketing and / or business orientation is obviously a relevant initiative.
We underlined in a post how – lets call it – the “food experience” is significant part of our daily life. In addition, “Food experience” reflects trends behaviour (connected, mobile…) and general expectation. 
Like brands are expected to, “Food experience” must also evoke notions and feelings as well-being, active social life, authenticity, identification….
This is also valid for bigger scale real estate projects. “The desire for simplicity means people value public spaces, outdoor living rooms, places where they can just enjoy being together” (Read more here)
Retail is a way of activating public places; in the same way, an enjoying “Food experience” drives attractive retail places places. (read here)

The « dining experience » is more a social reality than a concept. However, reorganizing spaces and revenue sources is a real challenge for property developers.
Enjoy an example of food court animation

Sources :
– “The dining experience, le nouveau concept d’Unibail-Rodamco” – Business Immo – 13 décembre 2012
– “A return to simplicity and the implications for real estate” –  ULI 8 November 2011
-“New-home communities boast food-related amenities” – Los Angeles Times – 2d December 2012

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