[High streets etc…] : & Others Stories, Paris

& Others Stories opened its first store in Paris rue St-Honoré : a prestigious location for the H&M’s group last concept described as “a fashion brand”. Until the opening, no other way to have an opinion than consulting the blog; effectively, we discover here a quite trendy and fashioned atmosphere.

Atmosphere, setting, ambiance… this is what all is about. The store looks like a fashion studio or a gallery with white colour, untreated materials, very different from the H&M classic mass-market look or from the cosy COS ambiance – COS being the “modern, urban and chic” H&M brand.
COS and & Others Stories share the same quality of welcoming sales persons. Taking a close look to those different brands, they share more than that.
Except an extra 20% cost for & Other Stories items, what can really differentiate them from COS? Nothing : same timeless and classic design for both, same jewellery range. & Other Stories proposes a cosmetic line but looking so similar to Shu Emura’s design that talking about innovation is a bit like an imposture.
I went afterwards reading the 2 brands description on H&M official website. For me it sounds clearly that & Other Stories concept is the exceptional location, replicated in several European capital cities.
So why favouring & Other Stories? For the location, not for the products.
Create an ambiance, insisting on service quality, here are significant points on which brands are investing.

What result then in terms of sales turnover and the shopping bag composition?
I personally will not shop at & Other Stories (too expensive) and combine classic H&M shops -in specific locations  (cf our post Madrid H&M samples) –  with the COS concept… and products.



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