1st Impressions : Salamanca in Madrid, Spain [luxury district]

My “1st impressions” in Madrid was also a first reflex, leaded by our lively interest for retail places.
International and / or luxury brands are mainly located in the Salamanca district, around the calle Serrano.
Looking on a map, this district is organised on a checked pattern, a quite unusual urban design in Madrid. Once on site – despite the warm and dry weather contrasting with Brussels – my impression was not to be in Madrid…
Is it because luxury stores, their shop front design are looking inherently timeless and identical wherever they are in the world? Yes… and no. Lets think about the avenue Montaigne : brands are all located in typical Parisian building clearly identifiable (we’ll share and display later a photo gallery).
Salamanca district provides nice and comfortable sidewalk, few but nice amenities. And yet I felt like walking in a south-American city or somewhere in California… The only notable and colourful building is the jeweller Cartier one. Though facing it gave me the impression to stand on a Provencal village square.

I was surprised myself by my “1st impressions”…
It’s interesting to see that in spite of impact and leverage brands can have in a retail realm, charm and attraction can’t be imposed. Also, luxury brands are often accused to create uniform places; but places are creating atmosphere and giving the “1st impresions”, not the bands : and kind of “neutral” place remains the same even with famous and international  brands emulation.

Sources : Photos BIV

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