[POINT OF VIEW] : Apple and (non?) innovations brand

A manager praising the "R&D" department's efficency; "R&D" actually meaning "Laywer & Fiscality" task force

A manager praising the “R&D” department’s efficency; “R&D” actually meaning “Legal & Fiscality” task force

This humoristic cartoon reinforces press articles, radio comments I / we’ ve heared recently regarding last Apple innovations… some of us deploring them being only financial ones. The worst is that the good old “share buy back” process (to sustain share price and reduce the free float) cant’ be considered as highly innovative financial tool!
I won’t deny that the Ipad is an innovation, but what about its new x versions, the Ipad Mini? May be the Mini Ipad Mini will be fantastic? We like Apple products, the Apple stores fitting; but we would preferred to be surprised by something else than fiscal or financial feats.
And yet, despite increasing critics about the firm’s strategy, the Apple brand is still very strong and influential in many rankings, good for them.  Pourvu de ça dure…
Here are abstracts on the MillardBrown’s rating.

Image 3

Sources :
– Apple, toujours la marque la plus puissante du monde – Emarketing – 21 mai 2013
– Apple, de la créativité à la finance – Le Monde 13 mai 2013 – Pdf
– Les Indégivrables


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