[High streets etc…] : How to find the perfect place in Plaza Mayor, Madrid?

The plaza Major is one of the nice, symbolic and typical places in Madrid.
As a lot of public spaces, it looks different and the atmosphere changes along the day.
Then comes an essential question : where is the best seating place, in the morning, in early April?

In April 2013,  even in Madrid people – and not only tourists – are still seeking for a sunny place; considering also the restaurant’s position,

you then can seat on the “sunny” pictogram on the map above. But be careful, around midday, you must run away from the places indicated by red crosses. There are the two main pedestrian entries; as a result this is  also where two noisy and annoying kind of gremlins are settling. To attract people, they sing (out of tune of course), play stupid tunes on the harmonica, kazoo, or artificially whistling… in a word, a real pain. Talking to your table neighbour, reading a newspaper or a simple city guide becomes a challenge of concentration.
Image 9
Though other people found interesting and (silent) attractive ways to animate the place, as doing giant bubbles.

Whatever the season, you can then leave the plaza by the western side and join the San Miguel market (a post will follow) or by the Via Toledo and find an incredible espadrilles maker. Enjoy!
Sources photos BIV


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