[High streets etc…] : The Marché St-Pierre, Paris

The  Marché St-Pierre is one of the Parisian markets which converted a former food activity into non-food retail place.
However “l’esprit marché” is still floating in the animation, the “bazar” ambiance,  variety of visitors, regular or occasional. Why do we go? For searching for fabrics and sewing stuff.
The Sacré-Coeur’s proximity drives a lot of tourists but the site is also very attractive for people next door. Speaking about the Marché St-Pierre means talking more about an area than about a specific place or building. Let’s discover its 2 main components :
– La Halle St-Pierre : it’s a Baltar’ style covered market, now hosting a museum, a café and a book-shop.

– Marché St-Pierre – Dreyfus, Reine Tissus : are 2 buildings with a (highly basic) department store layout but / and  a speciality store merchandising. The 2 stores are as competitors as complementary. Visitors come here for regular activity (design or fashion students, professionals, amateurs…) or for a one-shot purpose (fancy dress, home decoration for a party…). You can here shop for classic and usual fabrics or buy – as an enlightened person – haute couture coupons.
Is this place profitable even though sewing isn’t a so common activity? Yes because it’s a perfect non-comparable retail place… and public space.
Looking at the cashier’s receipts board, easy to guess the “e” retail strategy is not yet under process…

Sources photos : BIV

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