[LUXURY & RETAIL] : Shang Xia or the “chinese Hermès”

1 – The core business (cf one previous post) ” : one of the sides luxury brands are using to enhance their activity and their influence. Some opt for external growth as LVMH does, others for organic one; this is the position chosen by Hermès through Shang Xia brand’s creation.
Shang Xia (held by the Hermès group) is an art of living brand, recreating the heritage of Chinese design and craftsmanship. The brand is often described as “the Chinese Hermès” because of sharing the same approach regarding transmission, continuity… The first stores opened in Shanhai then Beijing. However, Shang Xia is not an Hermès collection designed for Asian markets; its an independent branch and above all a reversed trend : China is promoting traditional techniques to produce luxury items exported in Europe.
Hermès group is controlling the process, provides its experience to enter European luxury markets, but they also take benefit from a new “savoir-faire” : the so praised bottom-up strategy…
Lets wait for he next Shang Xia opening rue de Seine in Paris.

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Web sites sources : Shang Xia, Kengo Kuma
Also :  “La créatrice Jiang Qiong-er , apôtre d’une “vie simple et splendide”” – Le Monde – 10 septembre 2013 –Pdf

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