1st Impressions : Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France

It’s actually hard to describe the real “1st impression of a place we (a large part of my family, myself…) all know for decades. So I considered differently the “1st impressions” practical, answering the question : “What do I notice when walking around and when I need to locate a place?” I realized that since I know this city, I totally ignore the name of the streets, except 2 (Gambetta, Thiers) even then I always confuse them… and Gambetta should be Biarritz high street; may be St-Jean’s is Victor Hugo?
The discussion always turns like this :
– “Tell me where the X, Y, Z street is
– This is where the “thing” shop stands”
– Oh, I see..”
How then did I go to l’Hôtel de la Plage where I’ve never lived before? The receptionist told me it was “between the small houses on the bay and the Résidence d’Angleterre” … and before the Grand Hôtel”. On the bay side, you find your way thanks to hotels, specific houses, children leisure clubs, lifeguards boxes positioning, where beach huts are changing colour (green and red or blue and yellow?)…

In inner city we use classic reference points : train station, post office, food market (hey? It’s been refurbished!), the church, the Louis XIV square, the harbour…

And of course, shops and retail places give the most valuable indications. You have the iconic ones

The new ones

The one who changed location and the one who is always changing location : where is the Lopez  ice-cram truck standing today?

Image 27Here is MY coffee break place. Where? After the church and Pariès, on the left. It’s enough to find it…







Sources photo BIV


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