[THE FOOD CHAIN] : San Miguel food market, Madrid

Following our post “Tasting on the go [food concept]” I had to go there; according to “The [food markets] business model”, the Mercado de san Miguel example is revealing.
It’s today a covered food-court set up in a former classic early 20th century market; it is located in Madrid historical inner city, just nearby the plaza Mayor.
You can find and taste here – distributed in about thirty kiosks – traditional Spanish food, “tapas”, wine, sea food… and animations.
Easy going then? Not that much. Good and fine products, nice place are vital, but the internal organization makes the difference :
Stands and shops have their own space and structure and you buy and pay each item at each retailer; but all services are globally handled by the market. If you buy a glass of wine at the A shop, you can seat on the B shop, where you bought “tapas”… There are also tables and benches who belongs the to “community”. Market staff is also there to clear tables.
For daily animations, less is more : a not even 4 m2 stage is enough to greet Flamenco dancers.
Double advantage which serves as well customers and retailers : people walk around with their drink and food with no worries of where to go and seat; it’s also easy to managed busy hours – useful for a very often crowded…

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Source photos BIV


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