Think global? [strategy]

I went to a shop in Brussels called “Le Chien Vert”, a very famous place selling fabric, where I go in average once a month.
I bought nearly 20m of different clothes material – fashion weeks are inspiring – in their two different boutiques. Going back home, I discovered a paper-add deep inside my bulky shopping bag. I was so annoyed reading it, that I teared it into pieces; here it is… 
It is said  I would receive 5€ discount if subscribing on the shop Facebook page.
Lets resume :
– I was physically IN the store
– I spent a significant amont with NO reduction
– I discovered a promotional info hidden in my bag AFTER the purchase
Conclusion :
I’m very proud and delighted to be an – unlucky – physical client with NO gratitude… and bargain.

Now let’s turn it that way :
– Given that : I’m already registered on the shop e-mail data base
-If : I receive this info and coupon by mail which motivates my purchase
-Then : I am an happy client, and will keep you posted of my next visit!

Complex tools including social media will never compensate a lack of marketing strategy.
Small retailers are complaining against E-retail and unfair competition? It’s not here a question of E-business but how you consider a client. It’s very tricky to convert on  Internet this type of retail : the feeling of touching a fabric, appraise its flowing, technical advices…
are very difficult to transpose. So “classic” retailers have real attractive features, except if they prefer Facebook to a client.
Think global? We’re diving here in he whole retail dimension keystone…


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