“ELLE” proposes, I dispose [marketing]

You can drink your Coca-Cola in your “own” bottle, spread your “own” Nutella on your bread…
This is called “customization”, not only the last good idea marketers just had, but a very deep trend.
Having your first name on a product makes it yours, for sure, but I think his attraction is limited.
The option proposed by ELLE Magazine September publication is even more subtle :
The 1st week of September, the magazine proposed 3 different covers for the same edition. (I first thought the press kiosk confused different weekly publications…)

So you choose the one you prefer, with of course the same content.  “My” magazine is not obviously the one with my first name but the one I can identify myself… “My” magazine is not pointed out, it’s proposed, up to me to dispose.
This strategy can last – even after the fashion weeks – as long as the magazine will catch, understand end reflect its readers needs and expectations.
Guess then the cover I prefered?

Sources : A press kiosk…, ELLE


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