[EVENT] : Car free Sunday in Brussels

Image 3Next Sunday the 22nd, Brussels Region will organize its annual “Journée sans voiture”, “the car free Sunday”.
Driving is completely forbidden except for emergency reasons.
I didn’t know about this initiative when I settled down in Brussels. But waking up in the morning, the only street noise you can here is “ding ding”! showing that something is obviously going “wrong”!
Rain, sharp cobblestones, tram tracks can become very dangerous for cyclists. The funny thing is that during “care free” days, bicycles become the danger : bikes, rollers… everyone is totally out of control, bref, it’s funny and a real “brol” as Belgian say…
Too bad that shops are closed… Without retail animation, cycling sounds like unreal and closed front shops really sad.
We can however underline this Carrefour initiative in partnership with the Region : Carrefour customers can purchase Vill’O (the Brussels bike-sharing system) pass in their supermarket.
Retailers – all of them – should take advantage of this campaign to raise and improve the number of displayed bike parking places.
I promise I’ll nonetheless participate and keep you posted, except if it rains cats and dogs…

Read more here about this event
Sources photo BIV


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