“La liste de mes envies” [customer experience]

In  “2013 summer break” period, we proposed a book list mentioning “La liste de mes envies” (My whish list). here
The heroine – a very modest person – becomes suddenly immensely rich. After shock and surprise state, she makes 2 distinct lists
– List 1 : “La liste de mes besoins” (list of what she needs) : a frying pan, a coat rack…
– List 2 (yes, 2) : “La liste de mes envies” (list of what she needs) : euh… I can’t remember… my book is already packed for a move.
No matter the exact list and the amount of possible purchases actually. The fact alerting me is the 2 lists order : needs, then wish.
Retail anywhere, anytime, anyhow, that’s for sure. But will “E” retail be split into needs and/or desire?
A bearing point in another environment? Helping us in the “Art of gathering”?…

Source :
“La liste de mes envies” – Grégoire Delacourt – Le Livre de Poche


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