[Department store] : Le BHV Le Marais, Paris

Many years ago, we used to identify  “Le Printemps” department stores as  “Le Printemps Haussmann”, “Le Printemps Nation”… :  location as definition.
Then  “Le Bon Marché” department store created the “Rive Gauche” branding. More recently, the new BHV displayed its “BHV | Le Marais, le style comme style de vie” (Style as lifestyle) baseline.
“Rive Gauche” or “Le Marais” are  more than a Parisian district and a location. They are also reflecting an “esprit”, an atmosphere.
As we often underline, department stores are always evolving while remaining persistent in their development and image. That’s probably why this business model is so strong for many retail times.
I’m very curious about “La Samaritaine” next (re)opening and branding… knowing this place already “exists” by organizing events. Among them, a recent photographs exhibition.

Sources :
– Le BHV Le Marais here
– “La jeune photographie s’expose à la Samaritaine – Le Monde – 25 octobre 2013


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