[MULTICHANNEL RETAIL] : Unsettled “Le Printemps”

Le Printemps (French department store) released recently that “Place des Tendances” marketplace was joining Le Printemps Group.
So, the group has a pure e-commerce website while the department store is still lagging behind, not proposing e-commerce services… It’s a bit confusing because the logo Le Printemps is present on 2 different sites and it gives a negative vision regarding Le Printemps’ development. The department store’s site still proposes an old-fashioned mail-order selling section :
– only available in the French version
– where you’re proposed to order purchases by mail. But how doing it when items are displayed on the website without specific reference?
– I rang twice the information phone number… no one for answering the call.

Gathering brands on an e-commerce site is easier than converting a “brick place” into “click place” one… as “Net-à-Porter.com” example.
For now, Le Printemps Group is finalizing a similar business association as “Rue du Commerce” and Altarea group did.
May be we just need to be patient, and wait for Le Printemps next development step?

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Sources :
Place des Tendances
Le Printemps
Net à Porter
Rue du Commerce


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