“Darwinism in a consumer-driven world according” to BEARING POINT

How to survive in a fast-evolving world, where companies must perpetually reinvent their relationship with customers?
This book give its vision of a customer relationship management.
You can read here the introduction

We well also observe this week in following posts retail examples illustrating different business model’s evolution  :

1| Retail first – 2| Retail evolution – 3| Retail association – 4| Retail at the end

In order to multiply contact points, control a global process, embrace digital environment, find partners, opportunism… whatever the cause, all those changes are occurring IN AND because a digital, social… evolution.
Lets see how retail industry is adaptable and resilient i.e. agile…

Source :
– “Darwinism in a Consumer-Driven World” – Erik Campanini (BearingPoint) and Kyle Hutchins (West Monroe Partners)


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