Mapic awards 2014 comments : Fashion & footwear concepts (2/4)

If no one can contest their success, some can be surprised concerning their international development : slow(?) sparing(?) … compared to proven ambitions.
But why comparing their development to other fashion retailers and if the concept is not the same? Uniqlo features :
– Basic items offered in a wide range of colours, forms, materials… creating a refine and mass market image
– Opening flagships rather than multiple stores, with grand opening presented as fashion event (here the last opening in Paris)
– Very efficient client service  in store
Why is Uniqlo a “retail concept”?
– Because of a tailor made development process
– Because of a tailor made development process- with stores network and logistic constraints – more adaptable to omni-channel retail requirements

2013 figures : 853 stores in Japan | 446 stores in 15 countries including Australia, USA, Russia… – Sources FastRetailing
More about Uniqlo here


Not easy to think about this “teen retailer” obviously taking his marks, closing stores and “kept on expanding even where losing their relevance” *… Why a so severe assessment?
– “Aeropostale” is a mall-based specialty retailer…” is what you can read on their Website. In an “E” and complex retail environment, with a need of multiple interaction points with clients, is it still relevant in 2014 to develop a “mall only” strategy? Very surprising…
– Targeting “teens” as client base was a deliberate statement, but also dangerous : teens, young adults … are for many reasons very unpredictable
Why is Aéropostale a “retail concept”?
– Probably because of being able to drastically change the original concept : change the client base, diversify collections…
– Because of illustrating that a footprint, a shop-front, a logo have to be enhanced

2014 figures : 914 stores in USA | 75 in Canada | a hundred in Middle East, Asia, Europe – Sources Aéropostale
* “Can teen retailers turn things around” – The Business of Fashion – 6 november 2014 – here
More about Aéropostale here


André is a French very popular footwear brand (Vivarte Group) ; popular, with a significant renown, but not trendy, miles away from “concept” retailing. And yet, major changes occurred :
– Created “capsule” collections with designers collaborations
– The baseline turned into “André soulier de mode depuis 1900”. “Soulier” is a dated term for “shoe” : gives tradition and also savoir-faire image.
– Openings of flagships in Paris and Aéroville shopping centre
Why is André a “retail concept”?
– Because of boosting a nice but “sleepy” brand not by just a change of logo
– Because of upgrading the products (design, quality) and the stores design without disconcerting its client base
– Because of extending the shopping experience with other brands via the “Shoeista” site : news and look-book with re-directions to other competing market places (here). I like !

2014 figures : 280 stores in France – Sources Vivarte via LSA
More about André here


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