Mapic awards 2014 comments : best new retail concepts (4/4)

Was nominated last year as “Best F&B retail concept”.
Causses is a gourmet grocery, and also a cooking studio : a nice place but probably too similar as many food concepts which massively emerged in this Parisian district.
On the other hand, Causses is part of Foodette* network – a service proposing cooking recipe and ingredients for home delivery – and very much like this!

More about Causses here
* [THE FOOD CHAIN] : Foodette, a shopping and cooking service – here

Still searching for Website and the Facebook page is in Italian…
“Out of Gluten, primo negozio ‘gourmet’ per celiaci e intolleranti” says ELLE magazine, if it helps…
I’ll be able to tell you more after going to Milan – even though I’m very cautious about exclusive food retail concepts…

“One jersey, one story” is the baseline. While the sportswear became “streetwear” or “lifestyle”, Sports d’époque brings memory and tradition to mind. Interesting statement, when retail is insisting on the need of community celebration.
5 stores, 8 outlets in France, international development to follow?

More about Sports d’époque here

“It is not uncommon to go from the office to after work drinks, from shopping to a dinner date and from a cocktail party to a night on the town without being able to go home and change…/…” exposes the brand as if describing a busy day in Mapic!
Adapting different heels to one pair of shoes, creating your own style sounds clever.
Lets see in the future if the price range – luxury oriented – will remain persuasive.

More about Tanya Heath here


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