[RETAIL IN ALL FORMATS] : Loyalty, stay simple

After reading this article, I asked myself the way I usually react regarding loyalty programs (of any kind) I receive : too early or too late, never on time.
It could be different,  thanks to a very simple experience proposed recently in C&A boutique :
After my purchase and my payment, just before leaving the store, I’ve been proposed this :
To turn a simple wheel, the pointer (from 5 to 25%) indicating the bargain I’ll receive on my next purchase.
Simple, basic :
– A future bargain is guarantied
– The timing for reward is mine : my next visit
… and furthermore it generates a very nice ambiance :
My wheel stopped between 20 and 25% bargain… the vendor and clients queuing to play agreed to give me 25%.
We like!
-” Consumers tired of Waiting for Loyalty Rewards » – The Wise Marketer – 8 January 2015


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