[RETAIL IN ALL FORMATS] : A trend in a word

We mentioned recently the French footwear brand “André” awarded as “Fashion & footwear concept” at the last Mapic’s session (Read more here)
Among features we noticed : “The baseline turned into “André, soulier de mode depuis 1900”. Soulier is a dated term for “shoe”; it gives tradition and also savoir-faire image”…. with also a touch of luxury.
A couple of weeks ago, an advert in a magazine presented “L’espace soulier” in Le Bon Marché department store.
Then, browsing Le Printemps website, I discovered les “souliers” Carven displayed thanks to a pop-up store.

Lets resume : a popular footwear retailer, a luxury brand, a department store’s space are intentionally using an intentionally dated term – soulier – a term reminding tradition, savoir-faire, luxury.
Using tradition and luxury codes is not only a matter of image; it’ also a way to reinsure that “traditional” (brick) retail will continue in that format too.
Related to shopping centers industry, what does it imply? Upgrading the merchandizing mix as Beaugrenelle, Parly2 ? Referring to a round table at the last SIEC, the debate is ongoing…


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