[LUXURY & RETAIL] : “The opportunity in 
online luxury fashion” | McKINSEY & COMPANY

3 key points regarding this sector and its particular attitude to digital environment :
– the need of high standard services
– the specific role of department stores in luxury sector, where “off” meets “on”
– the importance of an “unique editorial content” for websites

1 additional element – crucial from my point of view – to build merchandising strategies :
“The “long-running classics” are often only distributed through their own brand website, rather than multi-brand e-tailers.”
The perfect way to explain why luxury single-brand sites can face the criticism of being “late” in their digital development : they combine their own brand site with multi-brands pure players rather than opposing them.
Both are keeping expertise in their core-business, luxury brands are multiplying their visibility… and stay iconic.

Source :
“The opportunity in
 online luxury fashion Sales are rising, but what do consumers expect from a luxury digital experience?” | McKINSEY & COMPANY – February 2015 – Pdf

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