[MULTICHANNEL RETAIL] : E-commerce and parcel delivery

“…nearly half of companies selling abroad, 44%, views cross-border logistics and distribution as a difficult barrier to overcome…” (Pdf)
With ecommerce growth including expanding use of click-and-collect services this topic is indeed a big issue – not only in EU members.

A big issue because this is not only affecting parcels delivery but also relative services as “reserve in store”; very often they are proposed in a country, not in the other.
Loyalty programs are still very complicated to use simultaneously in 2 different countries – except having to client accounts.
And what about forms from brands, apps…you can’t fill online properly because local postcodes or phones numbers are required? Easy (but annoying) : I fill N° and street in Brussels, zip code in Paris (or the other way round); for the phone number? the right country code with a fanciful phone number… I finally manage to get the info I need, but good luck for them to create a reliable client database :-)

Sources : 
– “Ecommerce Europe takes initiative for better parcel delivery” – Ecommerce – 23 avril 2015
– L2

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