[RETAIL IN ALL FORMATS] : When marketplaces are boosting creation

Putting in perspective 3 elements released recently : – Vango : “direct from the artist to your wall” … founded in 2012, the company is in a second fundraising phase Read more here – In a similar way, created in 2005, Etsy marketplace is dedicated to “unique good”. – … and, of course following (pinching?) the trend, Amazon is apparently planning to create an “artisan” marketplace? Read more here An “Etsy-like” market place? Certainly not in term of website design… Considering the impact of customer experience in retail, e-commerce players have here an opportunity – among others – to keep in the race. Sources :  – “Vango, une marketplace pour réinventer la décoration d’intérieur » L’Atelier – 27 mai 2015 – (Fr) Pdf – “Amazon preps an Etsy-like marketplace” – Internet Retailer – 15 May 2015 – Pdf


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