BIRD’s EYE VIEW’s  activities are dedicated to the development and re-development of mixed-used urban properties.
Our expertise is focused on retail-driven projects and shopping centers.
We are acting as consultant partners for investors, banks, promoters, developers or city councils. We deliver recommandations and advise as well as management, design and training imputs to our clients

GSGuillaume SADOUX
is passionate about retail and its social, economical and environmental outcomes; he has been active throughout Europe in Retail-driven Property Development for over 15 years.
Guillaume lives in Moscow.
About Guillaume
Contact : g.sadoux@birdseyeview.eu | +7 (926) 413 86 59


likes cities and the different life-styles they induce. For several years, retail sector is the field of those observations.
Valérie lives in Brussels.
About Valérie
Contact : v.gourgues@birdseyeview.eu | + 32 (0) 478 34 30 62

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