[FOCUS ON] : Mannequins facets

If mannequins are integral part of boutiques (in shops, or shop windows) they also reflect and follow the global retail trends …/…


In stores today :
 [RETAIL BY DESIGN] : Mannequins & front shops – here
In stores tomorrow :
 [RETAIL BY DESIGN] : Mannequins, EuroShop 2014 – here
In stores digital realm very soon :
 [MULTICHANNEL RETAIL]  : “Shop windows go digital as dummies get smarter to boost sales” – BLOOMBERG – here

…/…to always enhance customer experience.   

[FOCUS ON] : Digital department stores

If department stores are “late” regarding digital strategy,
– [MULTICHANNEL RETAIL] : Department stores according to L2 – here
They progressively recover,
– [MULTICHANNEL RETAIL] : Galeries Lafayette – here
While famous brands adopt “noisy” but incomplete solutions
– [MULTICHANNEL RETAIL] : H&M, “under construction” – here

Conclusion :
With a specific business model (situation, merchandising…) department stores may adopted the “Hare and the Tortoise”, in fine efficient…

Watch also here on department stores strategy

[FOCUS ON] : “On” & “off” line books

A market place – Amazon – where you can buy unavailable books in bookshops…
A bookshop – “Le Coeur à l’ouvrage” – where while walking around, you buy books you’re were not really searching for…
If the two “places” can propose equivalent delivery services, no doubt we have here the perfect combination of “on” and “off” line retail.

– [MULTICHANNEL RETAIL] : “Deux livres sur trois vendus chez Amazon sont des références datées de plus d’un an” LSA – here

– A bookshop : “Le coeur à l’ouvrage” – here

[FOCUS ON] : Brands as new developers?

Are developers lacking ideas for mixed-use shopping experience?… Now retailers do it for themselves.
The Urban Outfitter’s example although limited in size, reveals how much more is needed – and expected – from regular “shopping destinations” to create a memorable experience and anchor it into the “brick & mortar” world.
[RETAIL IN ALL FORMATS] :  “Urban Outfitter’s planned village offers ultimate life style experience” –  PSFK – here
Others examples :
– [RETAIL IN ALL FORMATS] : “Après le flagship pour une marque, bienvenue dans “la flagcity” – INFLUENCIA – here
A concrete illustration :
“Logorama” by H5  – here

[FOCUS ON] : Ikea, image & notoriety

Whether we choose to criticize or praise Ikea, I think we can all admire the way in which the brand still influences our daily lives.
Let’s look at these 2 examples, which reflect this brand’s presence and efficiency:

[BOOK] : “The extraordinary journey of the fakir who got trapped in an Ikea wardrobe”

[MULTICHANNEL RETAIL] : “Ikea gets fans to put catalogue online”- RETAIL DETAIL

If you balance the (zero) cost for Ikea with the number of fans or readers involved, this obviously provides food for thought.