[MULTICHANNEL RETAIL] : “Online shopping survey turns up counterintuitive findings” | FORBES

“Davidson posits that men are labeling pre-online shopping activities, such as reading product reviews and looking for sales, “active shopping, which may have led them to respond to the survey in a different manner than women.”

Comment :
If its seems relevant to study and segment pre-shopping activities, it would be also interesting to compare them with the “good-old offline” pre-shopping actions (magazine reading, getting in shop information…)
… to see if those behaviors are brand new or digital transposition?

– “Online shopping survey turns up counterintuitive findings” – Forbes – 10 April 2015 – here
– “Consumer tell all” – April 2015 – here

[EVENTS] : ICSC Retail strategy & trends forum 2014 – Snapshot

(Feed)back from Milan and from the ICSC “Retail strategy & trends forum”, with a very dense content, that we could sum up as follows :
Let’s start from this (US) global overview :ISCS source
And let’s add (EU) elements – picked up during the conference – for “enhancing the value of retail” :
– a reassuring statement : dynamic conversion rate from on to off line and then in store
– an objective : finding offline what expected online
– a watchword : dwell time
– an uncertainty : relevant ratios to sharpen or (re)define
As conclusion, a conviction expressed by an attendee “Internet and Ecommerce will make shopping centres bigger” : endless and encouraging topic!

Source : “Shopping centers, America’s first and foremost marketplace” – ICSC 2014

Mapic awards 2014 comments : best new retail concepts (4/4)

Was nominated last year as “Best F&B retail concept”.
Causses is a gourmet grocery, and also a cooking studio : a nice place but probably too similar as many food concepts which massively emerged in this Parisian district.
On the other hand, Causses is part of Foodette* network – a service proposing cooking recipe and ingredients for home delivery – and very much like this!

More about Causses here
* [THE FOOD CHAIN] : Foodette, a shopping and cooking service – here

Still searching for Website and the Facebook page is in Italian…
“Out of Gluten, primo negozio ‘gourmet’ per celiaci e intolleranti” says ELLE magazine, if it helps…
I’ll be able to tell you more after going to Milan – even though I’m very cautious about exclusive food retail concepts…

“One jersey, one story” is the baseline. While the sportswear became “streetwear” or “lifestyle”, Sports d’époque brings memory and tradition to mind. Interesting statement, when retail is insisting on the need of community celebration.
5 stores, 8 outlets in France, international development to follow?

More about Sports d’époque here

“It is not uncommon to go from the office to after work drinks, from shopping to a dinner date and from a cocktail party to a night on the town without being able to go home and change…/…” exposes the brand as if describing a busy day in Mapic!
Adapting different heels to one pair of shoes, creating your own style sounds clever.
Lets see in the future if the price range – luxury oriented – will remain persuasive.

More about Tanya Heath here

Mapic awards 2014 comments : Food & beverage concepts (3/4)

You can follow the brand’s evolution looking at the Website’s structure :
“Coffee” : the ingredient
“At home” : the ingredient becomes a product
“Away from home” : the product creates the brand’s realm.
espressamente illy are cafés, reflecting the Italian coffee bar tradition and offering illy’s products and expertise.
From product to place, this evolution became usual in F&B sector, apparently successfully for illy.
200 cafés in 34 countries (high streets, airports, hotels, museums, shopping centres) may be one in Cannes? Enjoy!

More about espressamente illy here

2003 : First shop opened in Torino
Then the brand bought lands to create an organic farm – Mura mura – and manage their own fresh products.
New-York, Paris, Il Gru Shopville are completing the expansion.
Controlling the whole business process is probably one reason of success, for a nice looking “retail concept”…

More about Grom here

…Nice also is Vapiano’s concept, “born” in Germany and now expanding worldwide (126 restaurants in 26 countries). Vapiano is based on nice interior design, and dishes prepared in front of the guests. Good “retail concept” or nice recipe? No matter…
If leaving Cannes you go to Marseille… you’ll find one.

More about Vapiano here

Mapic awards 2014 comments : Fashion & footwear concepts (2/4)

If no one can contest their success, some can be surprised concerning their international development : slow(?) sparing(?) … compared to proven ambitions.
But why comparing their development to other fashion retailers and if the concept is not the same? Uniqlo features :
– Basic items offered in a wide range of colours, forms, materials… creating a refine and mass market image
– Opening flagships rather than multiple stores, with grand opening presented as fashion event (here the last opening in Paris)
– Very efficient client service  in store
Why is Uniqlo a “retail concept”?
– Because of a tailor made development process
– Because of a tailor made development process- with stores network and logistic constraints – more adaptable to omni-channel retail requirements

2013 figures : 853 stores in Japan | 446 stores in 15 countries including Australia, USA, Russia… – Sources FastRetailing
More about Uniqlo here


Not easy to think about this “teen retailer” obviously taking his marks, closing stores and “kept on expanding even where losing their relevance” *… Why a so severe assessment?
– “Aeropostale” is a mall-based specialty retailer…” is what you can read on their Website. In an “E” and complex retail environment, with a need of multiple interaction points with clients, is it still relevant in 2014 to develop a “mall only” strategy? Very surprising…
– Targeting “teens” as client base was a deliberate statement, but also dangerous : teens, young adults … are for many reasons very unpredictable
Why is Aéropostale a “retail concept”?
– Probably because of being able to drastically change the original concept : change the client base, diversify collections…
– Because of illustrating that a footprint, a shop-front, a logo have to be enhanced

2014 figures : 914 stores in USA | 75 in Canada | a hundred in Middle East, Asia, Europe – Sources Aéropostale
* “Can teen retailers turn things around” – The Business of Fashion – 6 november 2014 – here
More about Aéropostale here


André is a French very popular footwear brand (Vivarte Group) ; popular, with a significant renown, but not trendy, miles away from “concept” retailing. And yet, major changes occurred :
– Created “capsule” collections with designers collaborations
– The baseline turned into “André soulier de mode depuis 1900”. “Soulier” is a dated term for “shoe” : gives tradition and also savoir-faire image.
– Openings of flagships in Paris and Aéroville shopping centre
Why is André a “retail concept”?
– Because of boosting a nice but “sleepy” brand not by just a change of logo
– Because of upgrading the products (design, quality) and the stores design without disconcerting its client base
– Because of extending the shopping experience with other brands via the “Shoeista” site : news and look-book with re-directions to other competing market places (here). I like !

2014 figures : 280 stores in France – Sources Vivarte via LSA
More about André here

Mapic awards 2014 : comments (1/4)

Reading at a glance the Mapic “Awards finalists” brands list I felt first disappointed : no real innovation (Aeropostale, Uniqlo, Via Piano…)
However, I assumed that those brands – even not brand-new – are reflecting trends or facts, always interesting to look into.
Let’s do it this week by examining the :
– Best fashion & footwear concept
– Best Food & beverage retail concept
– Best new retail concept

Monocle Top 25 retail survey : Excerpts & comments

Thanks to Monocle, a focus and a recap of several Swedish and succesfull retail concepts :
– Ikea : I’m very curious about their new urban concept opened in Hamburg, Altona district.
What about an expansion in other countries?
The French division management is still vague regarding a possible opening in France…
– COS : It’s for me a real convincing success, compatible with the H&M “parent company” with a real concept.
Monocle isn’t mentioning “& Other Stories” which is also expanding, but with a poor concept… I agree with them! *

…/… and more in the full article below

Sources : “Retail Survey Top 25 : Soft power Sweden” – Monocle #77 – October 2014 – here
* read also our previous post “[High streets etc…] : & Others Stories, Paris” here

Less buying… a trend (4/5) : retailers samples

“Less buying, more renting” can we also add to the prescription list*.
Some retailers – in different sectors – progressively adopted this solution.
They adapted their offer, not by a new product but by offering new services.
– Leroy Merlin (DIY) is piloting free rental of tools : the “Comm’1outil” service. Customers can rent tools for free for 48 hours, via a Facebook application.
Leroy Merlin works the assumption that they rented good would never buy; but people come into the shop to get their rented equipment, and also very probably buy some stuff they need to own, not to use.
– The same principle is developed by Fnac (Music with its “Pass location” proposed for Apple products.
Using as a need, owning as a choice : a very likely major trend…
* Cf our previous post “Less buying… a trend (1/5)”

More about “Comm’1outil” here
More about “Pass location” here

Sources :
– “Leroy-Merlin teste la location gratuite d’outil” – LSA 19 septembre 2014 – here (Fr)
– “La Fnac passe à la location” CB News – 26 mai 2014 –here (Fr)