[Department stores] : Macy’s and Fenwick

How do those 2 departments stores try to play their cards right?
Samples :
– Macy’s : “a single merchandising and marketing organization will support the entire Macy’s Inc. online and in- store businesses, to encourage both store and digital growth …/…”
– Fenwick : “Its stores are all independently run and target different demographics with different product and marketing strategies)…/….

More in full articles :
– “Macy’s considers launching an off-price division, among other initiatives – ICSC SCT – 15 January 2015 – Pdf
– “The Curious Case of Fenwick Bond Street” – Business of Fashion – 23 January 2015 – Pdf

“Making stores matter in a multichannel world” – McKINSEY & COMPANY

“Making stores matter in a multichannel world »  – McKINSEY & COMPANY – December 2014
A quick view on this diagram is pointing out the need of a reassessment of the role of the physical store :

Some key elements :
– However, one of the first planed solution – to close underperforming stores and to look for operational efficiencies – is not the answer
– The encouraging paradox is “Some multichannel retailers have seen growth in their online sales and penetration among consumers who live near their stores”
– Shifting from a store-focused approach to a multichannel mind-set requires retailers to change their traditional frames of reference and ways of working
– To achieve this, retailer (and developers) shouldn’t stay focused on one winning store format
– In-store service and expertise combined to analytical tools will help retailers to built shops, part of cross-channel shopping path
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