[Department stores] : “Fashion startups bypass department stores to reach consumers » | WSJ

“Fashion startups bypass department stores to reach consumers » – Wall Street Journal – 5 May 2015 – Pdf


[City places] : Former phone boxes uses

Public phone boxes will disappear… Following the official statement in France some proposed converted uses. Read more here (Fr)
Among nice or weird ideas, we retain those suggestions – having in mind the strategic situation of former phone boxes :
– The book box : they already exist are sometimes on “pop up” version but always too discrete, almost hidden
– Connected point : could avoid the (re)invention of connected street furniture
Our suggestions :
– Delivery box : for those joined on to a wall to minimize security issues
– To keep some running… if lost, forgotten, not taken, flat battery …/… cell phones

Source :
– “Le Sénat vote la fin des cabines téléphoniques : choississons les meilleures idées pour les reconvertir” – Les Lumières de la ville – 21 avril 2015

[High streets etc…] : What happened since our last visit in…

… Sonia Rykiel’s flagship in Paris, boulevard St-Germain?
It was in 2008. A nice shopfront displaying the brand’s environment : fashion, eyewear…and books already present in a small space.

The space became a concept, embracing the Left Bank spirit, enlarging the shopping journey : a perfect hybrid place.
Read here the “Wallpaper’s article
Photos BIV
“Novel concept: Sonia Rykiel’s Parisian outpost pays homage to local history” – Wallpaper – 8 April 2015

[Department stores] : Macy’s and Fenwick

How do those 2 departments stores try to play their cards right?
Samples :
– Macy’s : “a single merchandising and marketing organization will support the entire Macy’s Inc. online and in- store businesses, to encourage both store and digital growth …/…”
– Fenwick : “Its stores are all independently run and target different demographics with different product and marketing strategies)…/….

More in full articles :
– “Macy’s considers launching an off-price division, among other initiatives – ICSC SCT – 15 January 2015 – Pdf
– “The Curious Case of Fenwick Bond Street” – Business of Fashion – 23 January 2015 – Pdf