[RETAIL IN ALL FORMAT] : Tailor made, scopes

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ISCS – Laser
Lulu Dans ma rue | Taylor Corner | Bouton noir


[RETAIL IN ALL FORMATS] : When marketplaces are boosting creation

Putting in perspective 3 elements released recently : – Vango : “direct from the artist to your wall” … founded in 2012, the company is in a second fundraising phase Read more here – In a similar way, created in 2005, Etsy marketplace is dedicated to “unique good”. – … and, of course following (pinching?) the trend, Amazon is apparently planning to create an “artisan” marketplace? Read more here An “Etsy-like” market place? Certainly not in term of website design… Considering the impact of customer experience in retail, e-commerce players have here an opportunity – among others – to keep in the race. Sources :  – “Vango, une marketplace pour réinventer la décoration d’intérieur » L’Atelier – 27 mai 2015 – (Fr) Pdf – “Amazon preps an Etsy-like marketplace” – Internet Retailer – 15 May 2015 – Pdf

[EVENTS] : From European ICSC 2015 conference

An overview from Scott Galloway L2 founder) : Pdf
Delighted to observe the “retail dinosaurs come back”…
I’m not sure however to entirely share its point of view regarding Apple and the luxury industry… We’ll come back on this point in a next comment.

Sources :
L2 at ICSC European Conference 2015, London – Comments delivered by “PropertyEU”

[MULTICHANNEL RETAIL] : E-commerce and parcel delivery

“…nearly half of companies selling abroad, 44%, views cross-border logistics and distribution as a difficult barrier to overcome…” (Pdf)
With ecommerce growth including expanding use of click-and-collect services this topic is indeed a big issue – not only in EU members.

A big issue because this is not only affecting parcels delivery but also relative services as “reserve in store”; very often they are proposed in a country, not in the other.
Loyalty programs are still very complicated to use simultaneously in 2 different countries – except having to client accounts.
And what about forms from brands, apps…you can’t fill online properly because local postcodes or phones numbers are required? Easy (but annoying) : I fill N° and street in Brussels, zip code in Paris (or the other way round); for the phone number? the right country code with a fanciful phone number… I finally manage to get the info I need, but good luck for them to create a reliable client database :-)

Sources : 
– “Ecommerce Europe takes initiative for better parcel delivery” – Ecommerce – 23 avril 2015
– L2

[RETAIL IN ALL FORMAT] : Retail in universities

Where it is proven that quality of life goes with nice retail place…once more.
What’s defining the “campus” retail development?
Actors : More or less the same classic players (developers, city managers, consulting firms…); the more they collaborate, the best project they all can expect
Brands : For them, universities can be another way of expanding – different from shopping centres – but also demanding.
They can reach very specific targets or a more various client base (ex Yale)

Going beyond this article (bellow in « Sources”), we can spot another player in this market, illustrating a big trend in retail : the changing roles.
Amazon almost shouldered developer’s role by creating a specific retail offer : products, services on a campus.
Read more here on “PerdueAmazon” website. The (pure) E-player proposes a dedicated page on its website, and a pick-up place.
Convenience, curated, open 24h/7d… smart.

Sources :
– “Universities put stores on the syllabus” – SCT, ICSC – March 2015 – Pdf
– “Amazon’s first staffed college campus store should have retailers worried” -TECHCRUNCH – 3 Feb 2015 – Pdf

[LUXURY & RETAIL] : “The opportunity in 
online luxury fashion” | McKINSEY & COMPANY

3 key points regarding this sector and its particular attitude to digital environment :
– the need of high standard services
– the specific role of department stores in luxury sector, where “off” meets “on”
– the importance of an “unique editorial content” for websites

1 additional element – crucial from my point of view – to build merchandising strategies :
“The “long-running classics” are often only distributed through their own brand website, rather than multi-brand e-tailers.”
The perfect way to explain why luxury single-brand sites can face the criticism of being “late” in their digital development : they combine their own brand site with multi-brands pure players rather than opposing them.
Both are keeping expertise in their core-business, luxury brands are multiplying their visibility… and stay iconic.

Source :
“The opportunity in
 online luxury fashion Sales are rising, but what do consumers expect from a luxury digital experience?” | McKINSEY & COMPANY – February 2015 – Pdf

[MULTICHANNEL RETAIL] : “Online shopping survey turns up counterintuitive findings” | FORBES

“Davidson posits that men are labeling pre-online shopping activities, such as reading product reviews and looking for sales, “active shopping, which may have led them to respond to the survey in a different manner than women.”

Comment :
If its seems relevant to study and segment pre-shopping activities, it would be also interesting to compare them with the “good-old offline” pre-shopping actions (magazine reading, getting in shop information…)
… to see if those behaviors are brand new or digital transposition?

– “Online shopping survey turns up counterintuitive findings” – Forbes – 10 April 2015 – here
– “Consumer tell all” – April 2015 – here

[High streets etc…] : What happened since our last visit in…

… Sonia Rykiel’s flagship in Paris, boulevard St-Germain?
It was in 2008. A nice shopfront displaying the brand’s environment : fashion, eyewear…and books already present in a small space.

The space became a concept, embracing the Left Bank spirit, enlarging the shopping journey : a perfect hybrid place.
Read here the “Wallpaper’s article
Photos BIV
“Novel concept: Sonia Rykiel’s Parisian outpost pays homage to local history” – Wallpaper – 8 April 2015