[LUXURY & RETAIL] : “How personal shopping makes people spend” | BOF

“How personal shopping makes people spend » – Business of Fashion – 21 May 2015 – Pdf


[LUXURY & RETAIL] : “The opportunity in 
online luxury fashion” | McKINSEY & COMPANY

3 key points regarding this sector and its particular attitude to digital environment :
– the need of high standard services
– the specific role of department stores in luxury sector, where “off” meets “on”
– the importance of an “unique editorial content” for websites

1 additional element – crucial from my point of view – to build merchandising strategies :
“The “long-running classics” are often only distributed through their own brand website, rather than multi-brand e-tailers.”
The perfect way to explain why luxury single-brand sites can face the criticism of being “late” in their digital development : they combine their own brand site with multi-brands pure players rather than opposing them.
Both are keeping expertise in their core-business, luxury brands are multiplying their visibility… and stay iconic.

Source :
“The opportunity in
 online luxury fashion Sales are rising, but what do consumers expect from a luxury digital experience?” | McKINSEY & COMPANY – February 2015 – Pdf

[LUXURY & RETAIL] : Retail anywhere

An exhibition in “Le Musée de la Mode et du Textile” dedicated to Louis Vuitton : nice – and usual scheduling; fashion and textile are official parts of “Arts Décoratifs” department.
But this single paper also reminded me my visit to the LVMH’s flagship in Paris. This place is so meticulously organised, so… staged that you have the feeling to watch a show or an exhibition, in a word to be in a museum. In perfect connection with the “boutique” interior design, you can also find … an exhibition place (in a word a gallery or a small museum, then) dedicated to the brand’s history and/or an artist.
Going further, watching front shops and especially the ones created by department stores gives the impression of an exhibition, an event, an attraction.
I mention here LVMH example, but all luxury brands are acting the same way.

Let’s now assume that luxury creations are also about retail. Then you find retail in museum, museum in shops, shops designed as museum, museum in public spaces thanks to shop fronts…
Even before mentioning “agile” retail and technology, retail in that case is physically already anywhere…

Source : “Les musées célèbrent le printemps” – Juliette & Victor #30 –here
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