[EVENTS] : From European ICSC 2015 conference

An overview from Scott Galloway L2 founder) : Pdf
Delighted to observe the “retail dinosaurs come back”…
I’m not sure however to entirely share its point of view regarding Apple and the luxury industry… We’ll come back on this point in a next comment.

Sources :
L2 at ICSC European Conference 2015, London – Comments delivered by “PropertyEU”


[MULTICHANNEL RETAIL] : E-commerce and parcel delivery

“…nearly half of companies selling abroad, 44%, views cross-border logistics and distribution as a difficult barrier to overcome…” (Pdf)
With ecommerce growth including expanding use of click-and-collect services this topic is indeed a big issue – not only in EU members.

A big issue because this is not only affecting parcels delivery but also relative services as “reserve in store”; very often they are proposed in a country, not in the other.
Loyalty programs are still very complicated to use simultaneously in 2 different countries – except having to client accounts.
And what about forms from brands, apps…you can’t fill online properly because local postcodes or phones numbers are required? Easy (but annoying) : I fill N° and street in Brussels, zip code in Paris (or the other way round); for the phone number? the right country code with a fanciful phone number… I finally manage to get the info I need, but good luck for them to create a reliable client database :-)

Sources : 
– “Ecommerce Europe takes initiative for better parcel delivery” – Ecommerce – 23 avril 2015
– L2

[MULTICHANNEL RETAIL] : “Online shopping survey turns up counterintuitive findings” | FORBES

“Davidson posits that men are labeling pre-online shopping activities, such as reading product reviews and looking for sales, “active shopping, which may have led them to respond to the survey in a different manner than women.”

Comment :
If its seems relevant to study and segment pre-shopping activities, it would be also interesting to compare them with the “good-old offline” pre-shopping actions (magazine reading, getting in shop information…)
… to see if those behaviors are brand new or digital transposition?

– “Online shopping survey turns up counterintuitive findings” – Forbes – 10 April 2015 – here
– “Consumer tell all” – April 2015 – here

[MULTICHANNEL RETAIL] : Mobile in store by GFK

Quote : “This shows that word of mouth and advice from the shopper’s own circle, is now present right at the very moment of making the purchase decision inside the store. Sales staff and the physical shopping experience face a significant new external influence in-store »
Read more here Pdf
Source : « Shoppers bringing online competition inside bricks-and-mortar stores » – GFK – 23 February 2015
© GFK 2015

“Making stores matter in a multichannel world” – McKINSEY & COMPANY

“Making stores matter in a multichannel world »  – McKINSEY & COMPANY – December 2014
A quick view on this diagram is pointing out the need of a reassessment of the role of the physical store :

Some key elements :
– However, one of the first planed solution – to close underperforming stores and to look for operational efficiencies – is not the answer
– The encouraging paradox is “Some multichannel retailers have seen growth in their online sales and penetration among consumers who live near their stores”
– Shifting from a store-focused approach to a multichannel mind-set requires retailers to change their traditional frames of reference and ways of working
– To achieve this, retailer (and developers) shouldn’t stay focused on one winning store format
– In-store service and expertise combined to analytical tools will help retailers to built shops, part of cross-channel shopping path
Read the full article here

Walk & shop : “Walk in” stores (2)

Next episode of the “pedestrian drive” with a focus on Monoprix’ experience which goes from test to development.
The “Click&Go” service is now available in around 100 stores in France.
You can watch the demonstration here
and the marketing campaign here

Sources :
– “Monoprix fait du drive piéton avec Rosapark” – CB News – 3 novembre 2014
– Monoprix