[RETAIL BY DESIGN] : « The fine art of retail » | FT

« The fine art of retail » | FT – 27 March 2015 – Pdf


[RETAIL BY DESIGN] : Glass partition (1)

Enlarging space thanks to a partition… in glass
A nice and simple choice proposed by a restaurant (Beaudevin) and a press shop (Skyshop) in Brussels airport.
For the shop, the renting space remains the same, but the comfort and customer experience are augmented.
In addition, you can have the idea of having a drink while buying books … and vice versa…

[FOCUS ON] : Mannequins facets

If mannequins are integral part of boutiques (in shops, or shop windows) they also reflect and follow the global retail trends …/…


In stores today :
 [RETAIL BY DESIGN] : Mannequins & front shops – here
In stores tomorrow :
 [RETAIL BY DESIGN] : Mannequins, EuroShop 2014 – here
In stores digital realm very soon :
 [MULTICHANNEL RETAIL]  : “Shop windows go digital as dummies get smarter to boost sales” – BLOOMBERG – here

…/…to always enhance customer experience.   

[RETAIL BY DESIGN] : Mannequins, EuroShop 2014

A professional window mannequin begins as a clay sculpture modelled on real human model.
Today the physical stores remain the most important channel in assisting consumer to shop and the new consumer has changed the retail world…let’s see it on the window mannequins example.
Manufacturers come up with a unique system from very realistic to the abstract models with no details, but changing heads for example.
The combination in finishes and fabric are endless: abstract head, gloss black chrome, silver chrome, transparent coloured fibre or all realistic with skin colour and make-up.
One of the design trend is repetition, so we could see the visual repetition as very fascinating to the eye on display groups.
Mannequins are personalized as dolls having their own character: strange and futuristic but also charming and luring drifting between vogue and visionary.
For sure mannequins we saw would never fail to make a great impression with their strong charisma, because they are the most effective tools you can use to present the latest fashion trends…

Thanks to Ela Murawska
Sources photos BIV