[RETAIL IN ALL FORMATS] : When marketplaces are boosting creation

Putting in perspective 3 elements released recently : – Vango : “direct from the artist to your wall” … founded in 2012, the company is in a second fundraising phase Read more here – In a similar way, created in 2005, Etsy marketplace is dedicated to “unique good”. – … and, of course following (pinching?) the trend, Amazon is apparently planning to create an “artisan” marketplace? Read more here An “Etsy-like” market place? Certainly not in term of website design… Considering the impact of customer experience in retail, e-commerce players have here an opportunity – among others – to keep in the race. Sources :  – “Vango, une marketplace pour réinventer la décoration d’intérieur » L’Atelier – 27 mai 2015 – (Fr) Pdf – “Amazon preps an Etsy-like marketplace” – Internet Retailer – 15 May 2015 – Pdf

[RETAIL IN ALL FORMAT] : Retail in universities

Where it is proven that quality of life goes with nice retail place…once more.
What’s defining the “campus” retail development?
Actors : More or less the same classic players (developers, city managers, consulting firms…); the more they collaborate, the best project they all can expect
Brands : For them, universities can be another way of expanding – different from shopping centres – but also demanding.
They can reach very specific targets or a more various client base (ex Yale)

Going beyond this article (bellow in « Sources”), we can spot another player in this market, illustrating a big trend in retail : the changing roles.
Amazon almost shouldered developer’s role by creating a specific retail offer : products, services on a campus.
Read more here on “PerdueAmazon” website. The (pure) E-player proposes a dedicated page on its website, and a pick-up place.
Convenience, curated, open 24h/7d… smart.

Sources :
– “Universities put stores on the syllabus” – SCT, ICSC – March 2015 – Pdf
– “Amazon’s first staffed college campus store should have retailers worried” -TECHCRUNCH – 3 Feb 2015 – Pdf

[High streets etc…] : What happened since our last visit in…

… Sonia Rykiel’s flagship in Paris, boulevard St-Germain?
It was in 2008. A nice shopfront displaying the brand’s environment : fashion, eyewear…and books already present in a small space.

The space became a concept, embracing the Left Bank spirit, enlarging the shopping journey : a perfect hybrid place.
Read here the “Wallpaper’s article
Photos BIV
“Novel concept: Sonia Rykiel’s Parisian outpost pays homage to local history” – Wallpaper – 8 April 2015

[RETAIL IN ALL FORMATS] : A trend in a word

We mentioned recently the French footwear brand “André” awarded as “Fashion & footwear concept” at the last Mapic’s session (Read more here)
Among features we noticed : “The baseline turned into “André, soulier de mode depuis 1900”. Soulier is a dated term for “shoe”; it gives tradition and also savoir-faire image”…. with also a touch of luxury.
A couple of weeks ago, an advert in a magazine presented “L’espace soulier” in Le Bon Marché department store.
Then, browsing Le Printemps website, I discovered les “souliers” Carven displayed thanks to a pop-up store.

Lets resume : a popular footwear retailer, a luxury brand, a department store’s space are intentionally using an intentionally dated term – soulier – a term reminding tradition, savoir-faire, luxury.
Using tradition and luxury codes is not only a matter of image; it’ also a way to reinsure that “traditional” (brick) retail will continue in that format too.
Related to shopping centers industry, what does it imply? Upgrading the merchandizing mix as Beaugrenelle, Parly2 ? Referring to a round table at the last SIEC, the debate is ongoing…

[RETAIL IN ALL FORMATS] : Loyalty, stay simple

After reading this article, I asked myself the way I usually react regarding loyalty programs (of any kind) I receive : too early or too late, never on time.
It could be different,  thanks to a very simple experience proposed recently in C&A boutique :
After my purchase and my payment, just before leaving the store, I’ve been proposed this :
To turn a simple wheel, the pointer (from 5 to 25%) indicating the bargain I’ll receive on my next purchase.
Simple, basic :
– A future bargain is guarantied
– The timing for reward is mine : my next visit
… and furthermore it generates a very nice ambiance :
My wheel stopped between 20 and 25% bargain… the vendor and clients queuing to play agreed to give me 25%.
We like!
-” Consumers tired of Waiting for Loyalty Rewards » – The Wise Marketer – 8 January 2015

[RETAIL IN ALL FORMATS] : They are back, La Redoute (3/4)

Certainly La Redoute was “smart” before E-commerce age : multichannel orders, and purchase, collecting/return points, 48h delivery timing…
But no man is a prophet in his own country and La Redoute – may be also because of unclear strategy and positioning with its parent company – couldn’t hold its own clever concept.
Since that, La Redoute seems to recover* and more recently passed another step :
– reinforcing its logistic chain, crucial point for a decent multichannel strategy
– launching a concept : Mydressing@home, at home direct sales based on loyalty network.
Revising basics, re-inventing its concept, may be it’s the way to remain smart, at the right time.

* [RETAIL IN ALL FORMATS] : La Redoute : the wrong way? – here

Sources :
– “La Redoute dévoile les dessous de son futur site logistique”ultra-moderne” qui sera opérationnel en 2016” – LSA – 11 septembre 2014 – here (Fr)
– “La Redoute s’installe dans votre salon avec MyDressing@Home » – E-Marketing – 24 octobre 2014 – here – (Fr)