[THE FOOD CHAIN] : Supermarkets

Overview from ICSC and JLL of the supermarket sector
Sources :

– “Out with the old, in with the new, why the grocery landscape is shifting” – Retail shop Topic – JLL September 2014 – Pdf
– “Market share” – SCT ICSC –  February 2015 – Pdf

Key elements of supermarkets trends :
– Traditional supermarkets are losing market shares because consumers are splitting their grocery shopping across multiple channels : fresh producers, drugstores, convenience, online…
– “Consumers now feel that anything you shop for can be found cheaper if you are willing to shop for it,
– Ongoing consolidation in the grocery sector
– Some supermarkets are transforming themselves into hybrid food-service and retail emporiums
– Landlords could employ a similar strategy when retenanting shopping centers that have lost large-format grocery anchors owing to sector consolidation : instead of a single grocery anchor, the shopping center could offer multiple highly specialized food tenants
– Online grocery sales are set to grow from about $23 billion last year to nearly $100 billion by 2019, which would amount to 12 percent of total grocery spending; this could enhance drive-through formats


[THE FOOD CHAIN] : “Au bout du champ”

Thanks to “Sites Commerciaux” magazine, focus on :
“Au bout du champs” is at the same time a food and delivery concept.
It is a boutique where you can collect fresh products bought online, in a personal locker. Products are selected among local producers.
“An bout du champ” has now 2 shops; according to “Sites” they plan to expand in inner-cities and why not in shopping centres.
More about “Au bout du Champ” here

Sources :
– “Au bout du bout, il y a Au bout du champ” – Sites Commerciaux #242 Octobre 2014 – here
– « Au bout du champ » distribue les fruits et légumes locaux dans des casiers urbains – LSA – 13 février 2014 – here

[THE FOOD CHAIN] : “Pouet-pouet.com”, food trucks in real time

Capture d’écran 2014-08-28 à 12.38.02It’s nice to “catch” incidentally a food truck while walking around.
It’s nice also to plan a visit.
This is what “Pouet-Pouet.com” Website is proposing by publishing (For France) a real time food truck map.
You can search by city or category, have a short description, location indications, for today, tomorrow, lunch, diner…
Read more here


[PLACES] : Torvehallerne market, Copenhagen

“Copenhagen hot spot – Torvehallerne is one of the city’s biggest attractions” – SCT August 2014 – Read the full article here

Key points :
– Impressive footfall : 4,7 million visitors per year after three years in business
– Stalls size statement : from10 to 50 m2
– Location success : a sign of a successful urban regeneration or (and?) cities “gentrification”?
– Hagens (the architect) assertion : “…/… when you come home, you have a lot of stuff you didn’t expect to buy…”
We could add that online commerce provides stuff you need and sometimes you can’t find elsewhere; both are then complementary.
Conclusion :
“A good market (as all retail*) is about seduction”

* BIV comment
More about Torvehallerne on Market and City Websites

[THE FOOD CHAIN ] : Suspended coffee

Created in Italy, the “put a coffee aside” system exists now in several countries.
Here is one of existing examples in Brussels at the “Café de la Presse”.
The principle is as simple as that :

The offered coffee is taken in the boutique by a client asking for it; or the buyer can give it directly to a person of his choice.
If there are to many (already paid and offered) remaining vouchers on the board, the manager distributes them to people in the street or to a charity.
A nice, discreet, effective way to enhance and share experience in a space.© BIV
Sources photos BIV
Special thanks to “Café de la Presse”

[PLACES] : Pin Pon, Brussels

Pin Pon is a restaurant located in Brussels, in a former fire station. A nice place, interesting because :
– Facing a square hosting regular flea market
– Joining to buildings
– Mixing a bar on ground floor and a restaurant layout on the first floor with a glass roof
– Proposing lively terrace (flea market side) or a calm atmosphere (courtyard side)

Other retail places and a gallery are completing the courtyard’ space.
We like !

More here
Sources photos BIV & Atrium