[RETAIL IN ALL FORMAT] : Retail in universities

Where it is proven that quality of life goes with nice retail place…once more.
What’s defining the “campus” retail development?
Actors : More or less the same classic players (developers, city managers, consulting firms…); the more they collaborate, the best project they all can expect
Brands : For them, universities can be another way of expanding – different from shopping centres – but also demanding.
They can reach very specific targets or a more various client base (ex Yale)

Going beyond this article (bellow in « Sources”), we can spot another player in this market, illustrating a big trend in retail : the changing roles.
Amazon almost shouldered developer’s role by creating a specific retail offer : products, services on a campus.
Read more here on “PerdueAmazon” website. The (pure) E-player proposes a dedicated page on its website, and a pick-up place.
Convenience, curated, open 24h/7d… smart.

Sources :
– “Universities put stores on the syllabus” – SCT, ICSC – March 2015 – Pdf
– “Amazon’s first staffed college campus store should have retailers worried” -TECHCRUNCH – 3 Feb 2015 – Pdf

[LUXURY & RETAIL] : “The opportunity in 
online luxury fashion” | McKINSEY & COMPANY

3 key points regarding this sector and its particular attitude to digital environment :
– the need of high standard services
– the specific role of department stores in luxury sector, where “off” meets “on”
– the importance of an “unique editorial content” for websites

1 additional element – crucial from my point of view – to build merchandising strategies :
“The “long-running classics” are often only distributed through their own brand website, rather than multi-brand e-tailers.”
The perfect way to explain why luxury single-brand sites can face the criticism of being “late” in their digital development : they combine their own brand site with multi-brands pure players rather than opposing them.
Both are keeping expertise in their core-business, luxury brands are multiplying their visibility… and stay iconic.

Source :
“The opportunity in
 online luxury fashion Sales are rising, but what do consumers expect from a luxury digital experience?” | McKINSEY & COMPANY – February 2015 – Pdf

[MULTICHANNEL RETAIL] : “Online shopping survey turns up counterintuitive findings” | FORBES

“Davidson posits that men are labeling pre-online shopping activities, such as reading product reviews and looking for sales, “active shopping, which may have led them to respond to the survey in a different manner than women.”

Comment :
If its seems relevant to study and segment pre-shopping activities, it would be also interesting to compare them with the “good-old offline” pre-shopping actions (magazine reading, getting in shop information…)
… to see if those behaviors are brand new or digital transposition?

– “Online shopping survey turns up counterintuitive findings” – Forbes – 10 April 2015 – here
– “Consumer tell all” – April 2015 – here

[High streets etc…] : What happened since our last visit in…

… Sonia Rykiel’s flagship in Paris, boulevard St-Germain?
It was in 2008. A nice shopfront displaying the brand’s environment : fashion, eyewear…and books already present in a small space.

The space became a concept, embracing the Left Bank spirit, enlarging the shopping journey : a perfect hybrid place.
Read here the “Wallpaper’s article
Photos BIV
“Novel concept: Sonia Rykiel’s Parisian outpost pays homage to local history” – Wallpaper – 8 April 2015